What is BPML

BPML stands for Business Parks of Mauritius Ltd. It is a government-owned incorporated in 2001, responsible for the management and development of Business and Industrial Parks in Mauritius.

The group comprises:

  • BPML – owner of Ebene Cybercity; Trade & Marketing Centre; BPML Cyber Tower 1 Conference Hall.
  • Cyber Properties Investment Ltd (CPIL) – a management company in charge of Cyber Tower 1 and 2
  • Informatics Park Ltd (IPL).
  • BPML Freeport Services Ltd (BFSL) a subsidiary company operating as a separate entity in the Freeport.
  • Development and lease of serviced land on freehold or leasehold basis
  • Construction and management of office and industrial buildings
  • Office premises for rent
  • Industrial space for rent and for sale
  • Warehousing Facilities for rent
  • Internal road network with storm water drains, footpaths and street lighting facilities
  • Water and power supply
  • Telecommunication facilities (optic cable)
  • Central sewerage (at Ebene)

Whom to contact for information on investment opportunities / land premises?


Please see our contact page for contact details